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When to Child Proof

When we had our little ones we wanted everything ready and perfect for their arrival. But we Rhoost Moms know things don’t always go according to plan. (In fact, one of our Rhoost mom’s didn’t even have her hospital bag packed or her nursery painted when her little one arrived almost six weeks early!)

For all the to dos we let slide, the one we most regret wasn’t the final dusting of the house or the alphabetizing of the children’s library. It was the baby-proofing.

But our baby isn’t even crawling yet, you might think. Or even, our baby isn’t even born yet.

That’s what we thought. So the number one helpful hint we share with expectant mothers isn’t to treasure every moment (which while delightful, is impossible on only 2 hours of sleep). We say to those moms-to-be – baby-proof early. Do it now, while you’re nesting.

Here’s why –

  • At six months, we were utterly exhausted but our little Rhoosters were one the move more than ever. Researching the products that best fit our needs, buying, and then installing them proved to be a stressful and time consuming task we wish we had tackled before our little ones became mobile.
  • Our little explorers gravitated to the newest thing in the room. Which meant interest in freshly installed corner guards, plug covers, and other ingenious items we installed.

We know you’re exhausted and have a million things to do on that parenting list, but take one Saturday afternoon before your little one arrives and devote it to baby safety. You will thank us.

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