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Vacation Time – 7 Travel Tips for Toddlers

August marks the swell of summer vacation travelers. This Rhoost family is in the midst of preparing for our getaway to sunny Florida.

Here are 7 key travel tips we can admit we learned the hard way.

  1. Set Expectations: Before you leave set expectations for your child. Explain what will happen step-by-step – security, boarding the plane, the flight.  This will give your little Rhooster things to look forward to and milestones to track.  You can even make it into a game.
  2. Tire Them Out!: Waiting for a plane? Let your little one stay active in the gate area. It will make the time stuck in a seat on the plane a little easier.  Who knows – they might even nap!
  3. No Sugar During Travel Rule: As much as you may be tempted to allow the bag of M&Ms or the gummy bears – have a “no sugar during travel” rule to avoid toddler ups and downs.  The only downside is that you have to adhere to the rule as well.  You and your little Rhooster can make up for it when you reach your destination!  
  4. Don’t Forget about the Family Lane: Don’t be afraid to use the family lane at security! That’s what it’s there for and it will help you avoid the glares of the business travels in line behind you.
  5. Have a Bag of Tricks: Pack a small bag with a few new toys for the plane ride – our little ones have been successfully distracted with new toy experiences.
  6. Be Prepared for Delays: Pack a change of clothes for you and your little one in your carryon.  You would be surprised how much a simple change into fresh clothes can alleviate the pains of delays.
  7. Babyproof your Destination: Hotel rooms and vacation rentals usually don’t have baby safety in mind. Take along some of your Rhoost products. They install easily, without any furniture damage. And because they don’t require any screws or adhesives, they are totally portable.

Do you have a favorite toddler travel tip or trick? We’d love to hear it! Share it in the comments below.

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