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Toddler See, Toddler Do – Being a Safety Role Model

As parents, we are role models. Or given toddlers, more like mimic models. This is why the Rhoost moms have now say “Fudge” or “Shoot” or “Fluster Duck” rather than the alternatives. But when it comes to child safety are we setting a good example?

Here are just a few habits we had to break to make sure we were inspiring our little Rhoosters.

Climbing: Do you climb over your safety gate? Think twice before inspiring the little ones with this trick.

Stepping Up: Need to pull down something from that top shelf? Use a step ladder rather than popping onto a handy kitchen chair. It’s safer for you and sets a better example.

Both Ways: In a quiet neighborhood it’s easy to forget the rules about crossing the street, especially if you’re hurry to get home after a long afternoon at the playground. Start setting good habits now by taking every street crossing opportunity to look both ways, cross at crosswalks, and wait for walk signals.

Manners. Manners. Manners: Are you saying please and thank you to your significant other? Practice your politeness to inspire your little one.

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