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Three Babyproofing Tips to Maximize Your Child’s Safety

advice for young parentsToddlers love to explore, and the stairs are the perfect place to practice climbing, making them one of the most common destinations for babies on the go. But they can also be extremely dangerous if toddlers try to climb them on their own, making it essential for parents to buy baby gates. You may also want to invest in finger pinch guards, wall outlet covers, and other protective equipment to keep your baby safe.

While these are all items that you can purchase, you may also be able to make some decor changes and adjustments to your house to enhance your safety mission. This is crucial, as the leading cause of death in children is unintentional injuries.

Here a few pieces of advice for young parents that are childproofing the house.

  • Rounded Tables. You may want to make a few furniture switches in your living room or kitchen in order to maximize your baby’s safety. If you have a square or rectangular coffee table or dinner table, you may want to consider replacing it with a rounded one. This does not mean that you have to ditch your fancy wooden tables, but rather put them away for a couple of years while your child grows. You don’t have to buy expensive tables either, because your toddler will probably scratch it up anyway.
  • Removing Fancy Artwork. If you value your priceless artwork, vases, and statues, as well as your toddler’s safety, you will want to put your ceramic pieces away as soon as your child becomes mobile. He or she will likely grab at anything in sight, meaning that your wall hangings, and the china sets on display, are in danger of breaking. More importantly, shards and sharp edges from these items can severely injure your child.
  • Move Bookshelves. You are probably getting used to cleaning up after your roaming child, picking up extra toys, and putting them back in their bins. But leaving books on a bookshelf in your living room could be a terrible idea. One of the best pieces of advice for young parents is to completely remove any non-baby books from the vicinity of their child. Until they hit three years old, most children continue to put things in their mouth, including books. So, you can say goodbye to your favorite novels, and hello to ink in your child’s mouth, and possibly even paper cuts.

With the help of commercial child safety products, this advice for young parents, and a few alterations around your house, you will be providing your child with a secure environment.

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