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Rhoost Product Testimonials

A gorgeous baby grooming kit that makes you dread nail clipping duty a little less.

What people are saying about Rhoost products

Thank you to our happy customers for such wonderful feedback on our Baby Grooming and Baby Proofing products! – Tavinder and Vianka, Co-Founders, Rhoost

Very impressed with this bath kit. The wooden comb and brush are the best quality grooming products I have seen. Well done. –Dave

LOVE LOVE LOVE the corner guards!! I have a brown coffee table and the brown guards blend beautifully! Love that I don’t have to use tacky white plastic. –Holly

I LOVE this Grooming Kit! The materials are so much better quality than anything else I have seen on the market and I love that everything is all natural. –Nora

Really like this product [cord winder]! When the blinds are up, those cords dangle so low – very hazardous to our daughter. This cord winder is very easy to use and eliminates the hazard entirely. I have one for every blind in our home. I’d recommend this product to anyone with small, active and curious children! –Christina

Thank you Rhoost for developing a nail clipper that doesn’t make me cringe every time I have to use it. This is going to be my new go-to baby shower gift item. –Sandy

Refreshing to use real wood and such a soft cloth. It actually gets softer after each use. I love this bundle. –Beth

These [finger guards] are so easy to install (and uninstall for those rare moments when mama gets to pee in privacy) and perfect for preventing pinched fingers for my little explorer who has a fondness for door hinges! Thank you! –Victoria

These [corner guards] are great. Finally a corner guard that doesn’t use that awful two-sided tape! They actually do look good too. A lot of people don’t realize they are not part of my furniture. –Nora

We purchased really nice blinds before having a baby and the Rhoost cord winders were the best option available. It’s very easy to use and works well in every room. –Sandy

Wow- so stinkin cute! I just purchased for my daughter- love the super soft wash cloth. Will make this my go to for baby shower gifts– such a better option that all that plastic tacky stuff. –Annette

Baby Grooming Kit

Available here at Rhoost.com.

Also available at buybuyBABY, local small retailers, and Amazon.com.

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