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New Rhoost Product! The Chirping Bird Door Jamb

We are excited to announce our latest new product! The Rhoost Door Jamb.   The ideal solution for keeping little fingers safe from slamming doors. Check out the video below to see it in action:

As we have mentioned before – most child accidents in the home are preventable. But we haven’t talked much about about the best time to baby proof.  Basically, once your child is crawling you should have baby proofing on your radar.  You do not want to introduce barriers when your baby is most curious.  So you should baby proof early.  It’s also a great way for dad to feel helpful and connected at a time when baby may still be very mommy-focused.

Before starting, it is important to have the best and most up-to-date information regarding home safety.  Here are some of our favorites:

  1. The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) Baby Safety Zone – a great place to find information. safety tips, and also information about products that are JPMA certified as safe.
  2. Safe Kids Worldwide, the name says is all. Bottom line – a critical resource for all parents. 
  3. Consumer Reports – yes, of course, the tried and true.  And they have a pretty extensive baby & kids section.

Good luck on your journey!  If you have any questions or advice to lend to this conversation – please leave them below.


advice for young parentsToddlers love to explore, and the stairs are the perfect place to practice climbing, making them one of the most common destinations for babies on the go. But they can also be extremely dangerous if toddlers try to climb them on their own, making it essential for parents to buy baby gates. You may also want to invest in finger pinch guards, wall outlet covers, and other protective equipment to keep your baby safe.

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Rhoost has been nominated for three Cribsie product awards! 

Our ergonomic baby nail clipper, our finger pinch guard, and the Rhoost | ecopiggy filter free nasal aspirator

Cribsie Award Rhoost Easiest Nail ClipperCribsie Award Rhoost Neatest Baby Proofing Brand








Awards like the Cribsie awards are important resources for new parents for many reasons.  Here are the top 3 reasons why your vote counts… 

  1. YOU – the product users – decide who wins!  So we need as many people voting as possible. 
  2. Finding the right product for you and your baby is not always easy.  Credible online information and product reviews are a critical resource for todays’ parent.   
  3. Many of the finalists are new brands and there are some neat baby product innovations. Your experience with these brands and products are important to share with others! 

Cribsie is one of many great resources available for parents. Here are few other sites to learn about great baby products:  

  1. Babylist – They have the pulse on new products.
  2. Baby tech awards – How can we not include a technology one?!
  3. Mom’s Picks Baby Center – Probably one of the most established and credible sites for new parents.

As parents and care givers, obviously we have our favorites as well but we wish all the finalists luck in the voting.  If you are a fan of our natural baby grooming or stylish baby proofing products – we would love your vote!


Babyproofing your homeIf you have a toddler, or even a baby who’s not quite yet walking, but has learned to crawl and to pull herself up on furniture and “cruise” around the room, it’s likely that you spend a fair amount of time each day removing items from her reach, her grasp, or even her mouth. Young children are naturally curious, and they test the world around them by touching and tasting everything they can. This means that parents of little explorers need to babyproof their home, Grandma’s house and anyplace else the child might spend time.

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